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Chapter 1 : Pink Spoons and Ice Cream
Ever scratch your head about how this thing called a ‘business’ works? If you’ve ever bought ice cream, you can understand what it takes to grow your biz.

Chapter 2: Desire Lines
Get out of the rut of (stubbornly) selling (only) what you’re selling. Shift into the mindset of selling what your clients most want, by looking for their desire lines.

Chapter 3: The Multiple Streams Funnel
Are you making money, but only dribs and drabs and with no rhyme or reason? Organize things so clients – and money – flow to you like water through a funnel.

Chapter 4: What Is the Fastest Path to Money?
What one thing aren’t you doing, that’s blocking the flow of money to your door? Read this chapter only if you’re ready to act.

Chapter 5: Get Permission to Keep in Touch
Long-term relationships with your most valuable clients are forged over time. Make certain your business is set up to keep in touch.

Chapter 6: A Confused Mind Always Says No
Are you scaring away clients by overwhelming them? Focus on one thing at a time and watch your results skyrocket.

Chapter 7: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
How do you build a relationship with folks online, without it consuming tons of time?

Chapter 8: Nagging Your Way to Success
Are you a little shy of marketing, especially through repeat emails or calls? It’s called ‘being a loving nag’ and we know you have what it takes – especially if you’re a parent, or have ever been a child.

Review and Recap - Money
You’ve been reading this book because you’re looking for something. Let’s pause for a moment here and check to see if you’ve found it.

Chapter 9: Mad Science
Do you know your numbers? Sales, expenses, the hours you work? How about how much you’d like to earn this year? If you said ‘no,’ you’re not alone, but not for long…

Chapter 10: The Money Game
As your plans and energy towards your business ebb and flow as they naturally will, part of the beauty of the Money Game is that you’ll be able to adjust.


Chapter 11: Gravy Pans 
Got tons to do, and not enough time? Just like how gravy gets made as a byproduct of roasting a chicken – you’re getting
more done than you think.

Chapter 12: No Great Thing Is Accomplished Alone
Together we know everything and everyone, and can do everything
we’re meant to do through collaboration. So learn to give first, and you will receive.

Chapter 13: Picking the Ripe Apples
Are you too smart for your own good? Stop making things complicated for yourself. It all starts with picking the ripe apples.

Chapter 14: Excuse Me, Will You Be My Google?
Want an easy business-building strategy for a change? Like Disc Jockeys of another era, your clients are looking to you to be their filter.

Chapter 15: The Lone Ranger Syndrome
Is your brain about to burst from all the little details? The right help at the right price will clear your head and rekindle the pleasure of being in business.

Chapter 16: Salad Bowls
Too tired all the time for this to be sustainable? When whisking a salad dressing, a good bowl makes all the difference
to your wrist. Who (and what) are you leaning on?

Chapter 17: The Clay is Never Dry 
Can’t seem to get started? Trapped in procrastination? Focus on completion, not perfection.

Chapter 18: Seeking the Minimum Level  
Would you use a power tool to put in a tack? Time and energy are your precious resources. Use them wisely by seeking the minimal level.

Review and Recap - Meaning 
Before you move on to the ‘Beyond’ section of the book, let’s stop for a moment to refresh what’s gone before.


Chapter 19: Pulling a Costanza 
When you’re stuck, stop. Turn yourself around and try doing
the opposite.

Chapter 20: Where Are You Coming From?  
Are people ignoring you and what your business has to say? Break through the sound barrier with examples from an enlightened Golf Course.

Chapter 21: Time for Some Hair of the Dog 
Ever feel like a fraud in your biz? Or, just stuck in a rut - again? Whatever your business is, if you’re embarrassed or shy about it, it’s just not going to work long term. Time for some hair of the dog.

Chapter 22: How Does Your Sex Life Affect Your Business?
Want more money? Sure, mom may blush, but if you really want to earn more, you gotta play more. After all, a full and ecstatic life is the only real reason to be in business.

Chapter 23: Riding the Tiger 
Just about to make it big? But feeling stressed and unsure, maybe even scared witless about the future? Loosen up and ride the tiger.

Chapter 24: Care to ‘BOP’ Your Market in the Head?  
If you’re going to be in business, be in business all the way – be a leader in your market.

Chapter 25: The Sun and the Wind 
Sick of trying so hard? Are you being the sun or the wind?

Chapter 26: The Paul Principle  
Wondering if there’s a true-blue ‘secret’ to business success? For better or worse, it’s all about you.

Chapter 27: Re-learning How to Swim  
Been doing things the same way for forever? Just like this story about swimming, could it be time to destroy old habits and create some new?

A Final Recap - Beyond 
All good things must come to an end, and that includes this book! Before moving on, let’s do a final recap.

Practically Speaking, What’s Next? 

In Conclusion 

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Five frogs are sitting on a fence. 
Two decide to jump off the fence.
How many frogs are left on the fence?

Answer: Five

Explanation: Deciding is not doing. Deciding to do something, while powerful, is still only deciding.

‘Doing’ is about something else.

Some people say it’s about coming from the heart. We say it’s about connecting the head with the heart. Or, something else entirely.

In much the same way as your leg spontaneously swings out when the doctor hits just the right spot on your knee, there’s something special about when a frog - or a person - decides to do something…and then does it.

But if deciding alone doesn’t do the trick, what does?

We don’t pretend to have the complete answer to this. But this much we know for sure.

This book isn’t an ordinary book about success. If fact, in some ways it’s the antithesis. You won’t find lists of steps, for example, but instead there are lots of open-ended questions for you to engage with. (Exception: the last chapter.)

The basic premise is that there are three important parts to making business (and life) work.

First, there are the Basic Facts. Information. You know, the stuff that forms the bulk of many business textbooks. What is profit? What constitutes expenses? How does ROI, or return on investment, work?

Second, there is the ‘Who Cares?’ part. Why do these business facts matter to you? When you’re in the trenches networking your heart out for new customers, or trying to set up a computer system, how does any theoretical business concept impact you, today?

And third, there is the ‘Greater Truth’ part. Making a livelihood
is of course one of the most common reasons for someone to become a business owner. But our contention is that underneath that simple ‘why’ is something deeper that goes beyond the default: “Honey, I’m working through supper again because we have to pay the bills.”

We invite you to think about it for a moment.

In our experience, the deeper reason or greater truth about dreaming of something more, of going beyond what you might think possible for your business and your life, is much more accessible in ways not laid out in most books about business.

When working with our clients, we often call these access points ‘side doors.’ These are the sneaky indirect doorways that often make it easier and more enjoyable for adult, human business owners to understand something, begin to relate to it in a personal way, and then – almost involuntarily – begin to live it without effort.

It’s about seeing things differently. And relating to your business differently. It’s definitely about plugging into more money. And, it’s about thinking, doing and being. Not just deciding.

Like the little rubber hammer the doctor uses to access the muscle in your knee, there are tools, insights and stories to help you respond naturally in ways that support your business. We call these things wisdom, and you don’t have to have an MBA to get some.

So, think of the stuff in the chapters that follow as a series of wise little hammers for your business reflexes.

Pick up reading at the beginning, middle or end – wherever you feel called - and along the way, begin transforming your relationship with your business and your life.



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